Ontology of Risk – presentation of a privacy risk model

Here are some slides from a demonstration of the privacy risk model that I gave online at Edinburgh Napier University on 3rd June 2020. The slides capture snapshots from the live demo using Synaptica’s Graphite software. The presentation also identifies possible avenues for development of the ontology.

Visualizing uncertainty

A recent meeting about risk communication at Birkbeck, University of London, entitled: ‘Talking Flooding: linkages between communication, risk and resilience in Flood-prone communities’ led me to think about risk and uncertainty.  Although the day was focused on flood risk, it provided a useful insight into the way one particular sector deals with risk and someContinue reading “Visualizing uncertainty”

Metadata for information management and retrieval

book launch at City, University of London on 4th April 2018 The Snowden revelations brought into sharp focus the ethical issues surrounding metadata creation and use.  It raises issues about privacy, security, ownership and control of metadata and provides a challenge to information professionals on how to manage these issues. We also need to considerContinue reading “Metadata for information management and retrieval”

Ontology of online risk

In order to handle the complex relationships between concepts in the Risk domain I am developing an ontology of risk.  This will allow for cause and effect relationships as well as the classic hierarchical relationships found in taxonomies. This diagram highlights one particular node ‘harrassment’ and looks at what might lead to this risk asContinue reading “Ontology of online risk”

Online privacy risks

Rethinking the nature of risk associated with disclosure of personal information • We are all subject to risks when we disclose information about ourselves on social media and other online services• These risks are balanced against the benefits of signing up to social media• The decisions that individuals make when they sign up to socialContinue reading “Online privacy risks”

The Nature of Risk and the Privacy Calculus – research questions

In December 2017 I embarked on a two-year research programme at City, University of London to investigate the nature of risks that individuals face when they disclose personal information online. This is an outline of the research questions that I set out to answer. Rationale for the research: Public safety is improved if individual usersContinue reading “The Nature of Risk and the Privacy Calculus – research questions”