Books and reports

Haynes, D., and Vernau, J., (Eds.), 2019. The Human Position in an Artificial World: creativity, ethics and AI in knowledge organization. Proceedings of the Sixth ISKO UK Biennial Conference held in London, 15-16 July 2019. Baden-Baden: Ergon Verlag.

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Academic journal articles

Haynes, D., 2018. ‘Metadata: the political dimension’, Alexandria, 27(3), pp. 198–206.

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News items

Haynes, D., 2018. ‘Metadata, Ethics and Trust’, Catalogue & Index, (191), pp. 2–4.

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Conference papers and posters

Haynes, D., 2019 ‘Creating an Ontology of Risk: a human-mediated process’, in Haynes, D. and Vernau, J. (eds) The Human Position in an Artificial World: creativity, ethics and AI in knowledge organization. ISKO UK Sixth Biennial Conference London 15-16th July 2019. Baden-Baden: Ergon Verlag, pp. 167–180.

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Haynes, D., 2008. Collaborative Working Environments. Using document management for projects and programmes, London.

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