Metadata for information management and retrieval

photo taken by John Stevenson, April 2018

book launch at City, University of London on 4th April 2018

The Snowden revelations brought into sharp focus the ethical issues surrounding metadata creation and use.  It raises issues about privacy, security, ownership and control of metadata and provides a challenge to information professionals on how to manage these issues.

We also need to consider wider issues such as the digital divide and the potential that metadata has for making information accessible to wider audiences. It has the potential to empower the marginalised, hold government to account and improve quality of life.  Maybe it is also a response to the burgeoning of fake news and fact-free content.

In the new edition of Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval, published this month, I consider the origins of metadata and look at the ways in which it is used for managing information resources as well as for information retrieval.  The book covers current metadata standards and compares the ways in which they are used for managing different types of resource ranging from linked data, to images, to the more familiar text-based materials.

Haynes, D (2018) Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval: understanding metadata and its use. ISBN 9781856048248. Facet Publishing. London, 2018, 288pp.

April, 2018

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